How do I set up my Profile?

One of the best benefits of being a member of WBO is your profile for your business on our site that serves as a marketing tool for your business and with links to your website increases your SEO.  You have complete control over every part of it and can make changes any time you want, as often as you want.

So, here’s a step-by-step process of how to create your WBO membership profile.

  • Go to “My Account”
  • Select “Need a Password”
    (This is how you set up your password.  The site will issue you a password. Once you are logged in you can change your password to your own. In the future, you will login to make changes or purchase member benefits. 
  • Update your “About” information
    (if necessary).
    Here you can update your name, address, email address, phone number etc. If you make changes to your business name or contact, click “Save and Continue.”
  • Click on the “Profile” tab.
    Here you can update your “business card.” You can upload your logo as well as write out a tagline up to 80 characters.For each block on this profile page you will see a question mark with the words, “Learn more”. Click on the question mark to see a video explaining how to do each of these steps.
  • Create your Profile Gallery.
    Here you can upload up to eight images about your business. We recommend you upload a picture of you first and then add images about your business.
  • Write your profile description.
    Focus on what your target market is looking for. Since the search engine for this member directory is content and context driven, you’ll want to use the key words that someone would search to find you.In other words, if you do “wealth management for high net worth clients” or “website development” or “event insurance” or you specialize in “home remodeling”; make sure those words appear in your profile. Any words you think someone would search on to find you and your business, put those in your profile.
  • Add your social links
    (like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).Just insert the URLs for your accounts and the ones you use will appear in your profile.
  • Click on “Save & Continue.”

There’s more you can do (like add a deal). Members offering “deals” have a little “shopping tag” at the bottom of their listing.  Also email your member offer to to be listed on the site.

This is an opportunity for you to market what you do to our membership, as well as to anyone, anywhere who might want what you have to offer. So, take advantage of this opportunity right now. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to do (other than your time) and the potential for more business is huge.