Board Job Descriptions

President: (Elected Position)
The President is the Executive head of the organization and shall preside at all meetings of the membership and all meetings of the Board of Directors. The President shall, subject to approval by the Board, appoint and assign all non elected positions. The President serves in the capacity of immediate Past President in the subsequent year.

  • Reviews Bylaws and Leads WBO to Achieve Goals Appoints, with approval of Board, all non-elected positions (coordinators).
  • Prepares materials for General Meetings (Agendas, Introduction Sheets, Surveys)
  • Conducts General Meetings
  • Conducts Board Meetings
  • Writes President’s message for when appropriate for e-newsletter
  • Reviews and responds to WBO email at
  • Ensures Officers’ tasks are completed and supports them when necessary
  • Plans end of the year address to members
  • Helps President Elect with Board Transition Dinner


Past President:

  • Serves as an advisor and support to the current president
  • Serves as a advisor to the current board


President Elect: (Elected Position)

  • Assists the President in her Goals
  • Conducts WBO business in President’s absence
  • Organizes General Meeting Greeters
  • Helps President plan end of year party
  • Plans for her incoming Board
  • Plans with President Transition Dinner


Secretary: (Elected Position)

  • Maintains Records of WBO Business
  • Records summary of General Meetings and events for e-newsletter
  • Records minutes of Board Meetings and emails them to board members within 10 days following Board Meeting
  • Picks up, screens and distributes mail to appropriate officers on a timely basis
  • Handles written correspondence/email correspondence as needed, per request of President


Treasurer: (Elected Position)

  • Maintains WBO Financial Affairs
  • Reviews and responds to WBO email at
  • Responsible for collecting all monies at monthly meetings and checks in members and guests assuring they are registered for monthly events
  • Drafts Annual Budget for review at the First Board Meeting in January
  • Reconciles WBO bank account
  • Prepares monthly Treasurer’s Report and emails to the board by the Friday before the Board Meeting, for review at Board Meetings (one month behind)
  • Prepares quarterly financial statements and budget and provides to the Board at the Board meeting
  • Sets president up with online bank access to check bank account whenever they would like
  • Provides bank statements to the President at the monthly Board Meetings
  • Advises Board on financial health of WBO
  • Receives and deposits membership dues and fees
  • Pays bills and reimburses expenses
  • Updates Membership Chair on dues received and guest fees paid for follow up on potential membership
  • Handles payments for special events
  • Prepares Annual Dinner Party financial reports for Board review by 1st quarter of operating year


Membership Coordinator: (Appointed)

  • Keeps tabs on active memberships on the website and maintains Membership List
  • Reviews and responds to email at
  • Communicates with Treasurer, Communications Chair and Webmaster about:
    • New and expired members
    • Payment of dues
  • Gives email address of new members to Communications for inclusion in email mailing list
  • Sends welcome packet to new members, including:
    • Welcome letter from the President
    • List of member benefits
  • Prepares monthly Membership Reports for the Board
  • Sets up registration table at General Meeting
  • Greets Guests and helps Treasurer sign in those attending
  • Orders and maintains Member and Guest name tags
  • Arranges Greeters and assists other officers in organizing any committees necessary
  • Keeps Members Businees Cards Folder for Referrals


Program Coordinator:  (Appointed)

  • Works with Board to set Program agenda for the year
  • Reviews and responds to WBO email at
  • Presents to the Board for approval
    • Speakers and Topics
    • Networking Events
    • Social Events
    • Special Events
  • Advises the Board and helps facilitate Programs including:
    • Scheduling and Coordinating Approved Speakers
    • Venue
    • Date of Event
    • Location of Event
    • Fee/Structure
    • Menu
    • Committees necessary to help facilitate event
  • Communicates with speakers for accurate press release and program information
    • Requests Bio from Speakers on themselves and their business
    • Requests Picture of Speaker or Logo of company for marketing purposes
  • Sends Communication Coordinator all Speaker/Program/Event information for:
    • website events
    • press releases
    • e-newsletter.
  • Arranges A/V needs for speaker
  • Coordinates WBO Representation Community Events
  • Arranges for Monthly Meeting Door Prizes
  • Introduces Speakers at monthly meetings
  • Sends thank you letters to Speakers


Website Coordinator:  (Appointed)

  • Manages all IT and hosting requirements for WBO website
  • Maintains WBO email accounts setting up password and accessibility to Officers
  • Reviews and responds to WBO email at
  • Updates WBO website, as decided upon by the Board
  • Posts e-newsletters monthly
  • Works closely with Membership Coordinator and Treasurer regarding members status
  • Annual update of Officers and contact information
  • Communicates with Membership Coordinator and new members for business description